Fucked Up, Evil Shit: Chatting with Destruction Unit

09/11/2013 12:00 PM |

Why did you guys end up putting your stuff out through other labels this year, rather than do it yourself through Ascetic House?

We still do both. But bigger labels definitely help with distribution.

Are you guys looking to finish stuff quickly and put it out as soon as you have it? Two records this year. I don’t know if you have any more on the backburner…

The new album, we would have had that out a long time ago, but that’s what you do with big labels. You lay out a plan, and all that. But if we could get the release out there, just us, we would. We want to move on to the next thing.

So you have a bunch of new songs ready?

No, because we’ve been touring so much. The songs, we still modify them as we play, they aren’t really the same as on the album. When we get back from tour, we plan on working on a whole bunch of new stuff. We’ve all been busy with our other stuff, too. We all have other projects. Some of the guys have been out on tour with Marshstepper, I’ve been doing my own stuff at home while they’ve been gone. So, we’ve all been busy writing new shit. Just not the Unit stuff.

I saw that Marshstepper set at Northside this year. Were you there for that?

I don’t think so.

It was wild, sort of like an occult ritual.

Yeah man, they’re some weirdos.

Occult material actually gets mentioned a lot in relation to Ascetic House. Maybe not so much Destruction Unit, but certainly that collective. Is there anything in that realm you’d say has been influential?

Everybody has their own thing. Jes is into some weird-ass shit, that I don’t have a fucking clue about. And me too. But I can’t really comment on that stuff as far as the occult. As far as me with the occult, I don’t know shit about that stuff.

I’ve read in other interviews that you guys have sort of accepted the label of a “psychedelic” band. What do you think that even means at this point?

I don’t know. People are weirdos when they say, “what the fuck does that mean?” We’re not some goofballs in paisley shirts trying to be the 60s or something. We’re not trying to be a psyyyyych band, dude. But it’s cool.

In your time playing in the original version of Destruction Unit and your time with the Reatards, is there anything that you really took away or learned about songwriting from being in a band with Jay Reatard?

Yeah. The intensity, the work process. But we were always similar when it came to all that shit.

Were you writing a lot of your own material as intensely when you were playing in those bands?

Yeah, the whole first album, the second one with Jay and Alicja, we all collaborated on that one.

Since you’ve been in so many little side bands and projects, was there always a specific thought to keeping Destruction Unit alive as your main project, even with all the turnover in members?

Yes. It goes all the way back to that first 7′, just building four-track stuff. So, I always want to keep it around.

Did you start being in bands as a vehicle to play guitar, and the singing just sort of fell to you later?

I didn’t want to sing, especially, but if you’re writing songs it’s better you do it than some other asshole. But we all play every instrument, pretty much, we all sing in our own bands.

Do you give much thought to how you are singing? Are there specific things you are trying to do as a singer?

I just try to make it sound cool. I’m not trying to copy anything. I’m just trying to get it out there in the best way possible.

Would you say you’ve gotten better over time?

For sure. I’ve been working on that for a while now, I think I got it pretty good. (laughs) Or the best I can, anyway.

Listening to the record it seems like really, specifically, bad mood music. How do you feel when you are playing it? Do the songs actually come from a dark place?

You can’t be in a band called Destruction Unit and sound like a wuss. It’s some fucked up, evil shit dude.

You guys get a kick out of fucked-up, evil shit, though, right?