Here Is The Worst Headline So Far About Yesterday's Election

09/11/2013 12:20 PM |


What, you thought a day of generally encouraging, game-changing election news was going to pass by totally untainted? Even on a day when the New York Post kept things relatively low key (and even got in kind of a good “Sleazy Come, Sleazy Go” dig at Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer’s mercifully failed campaigns)? Nah. We’ve still got at least one clunky, racially-charged pun in the mix, this one courtesy of the Daily News, which splashed “WAY TO FRO” across its front page this morning.


And, of course, we’ve all seen a lot worse, both in the realm of shockingly tasteless local headlines and the fervent, somewhat creepy coverage of Dante de Blasio’s hair. In the grand scheme of things this is relatively tame, and, I guess, meant to be positive. Just seems like one of those things you would think of and probably laugh about because it rhymes (and we’re only human), but then think to yourself “OK, but what’s something that’s actually printable.” Or just not the ideal way to commemorate a fairly historic election race? In any case, only a month and a half left to go with all this. Then we can all just go back to sex jokes and cat coverage, and everything will be as it should.

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