Is Jonathan Safran Foer Ditching Park Slope?

09/25/2013 1:09 PM |

Rumor has it that novelist-couple Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss may be putting their Park Slope brownstone up for sale, Fucked in Park Slope reports. The two bought the four-floor home on 2nd Street—the same block on which Obama once lived—in 2005 for roughly $6 million (give or take $1 million) after selling a smaller house on the same block for $3.25 million (and turning a profit of about $1.5 million). These people are writers, mind you—writers with well-to-do families!


If they are in fact selling, the website reports the couple would want $15 million for the house, which would be a Park Slope record. (After a certain point, all millions sound the same, don’t they? I guess the difference between $8 million and $15 million is considerable, but not to us 99 percenters, am I right?) Everybody on the Internet thinks Foer is an asshole, among other reasons because he wrote a book that was pro-vegetarianism, which always sets off commenters; also, he has a weird finger-sculpture tree in his front yard. Can we start a Kickstarter to give him however much money he wants just so we can get rid of that thing?

We’d try to spin a trend piece out this, with Lethem on the west coast and Colson Whitehead now in Manhattan, except Fucked in Park Slope reports they’ve heard the couple has another house in Cobble Hill. Rich people!

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