Is Molly's Moment Over?

09/23/2013 11:54 AM |

Following the high-profile deaths of two Electric Zoo attendees from overdoses of Molly (and others around the world), Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed new legislation that would allow the FDA and DEA to crack down on the ecstasy-hybrid. “MDMA dealers are getting around federal law by slightly tweaking the chemical composition of banned substances,” the Times reports, creating slight variations of the chemicals that aren’t illegal; the new law would allow the federal agencies to “ban substances that were similar in composition and effect to the 26 synthetic drugs already banned,” the Wall Street Journal adds. Schumer has also called on the New York and New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force to shift its priorities to labs that produce Molly.


This way, we can eradicate it and be one step closer to victory in the zero-sum game that is the War on Drugs.

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