It May Be Best To Avoid Carroll Park For A Little While

09/17/2013 3:58 PM |


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Well, as much as I like to make jokes about teenagers being the worst, this is genuinely pretty terrible: Pardon Me For Asking reports on a recent uptick in violence in Carroll Park, the result of what locals have been describing as a possible “turf war.”


One reader emailed the site with the following warning:

“Brooklyn friends with kids: there is some kind of turf war going on in and around Carroll Park in Carroll Gardens. Tell your kids to steer clear. My son was with friends and they were attacked by a bunch of other kids with weapons. The cops said that later today, shots were fired as well. Max is okay after being knocked out by a blow to the back of the head and about 4 hours in the hospital. He’s home now. But there’s a Gowanus-Red Hook battle going on that kids need to keep out of. Sadly, the cops who took his report seemed not up to the task of keeping people safe and honestly, less intelligent that my 17 year old son. It kinda pissed me off. But most importantly, spread the word.”

Reports have also been circulating of a stabbing in the neighborhood, and local police confirmed to the site that they’ve been “aggressively” investigating the incidents, though currently see no connection between the fight in the park (at which they say no weapons were present) and the gunshots later on. Regardless, they’ll be patrolling the area until things are resolved, and park regulars would be well advised to be a little more careful than usual.

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