Jackie's 5th Amendment Will Now Stay Open Until October

09/13/2013 9:00 AM |


We’ve all been bought a little more time to get sloppy on half-sized beers, express diehard appreciation without ever setting foot in the place, or continue ignoring this news entirely: in spite of initial plans to shut the bar down for good on September 14th (i.e. this Saturday), Jackie’s 5th Amendment will now be closing its doors sometime in October.


After vague reports started circulating yesterday that the longtime Park Slope bar may stay open an extra day or two (or might not be closing down at all, despite all evidence to the contrary), we checked in with bartender Becky McCarthy, who clarified, “We’ve had a stay of execution until mid-October because [owner Harold Costello] doesn’t want to close until the paperwork’s all gone through, and we need at least two weeks to clear out the basement.”

Still, the bar has, without question, been sold off to the pharmacy next door and its demise is a matter of when, not if. “There’s still time, but we’re still closing and if the Smithsonian would like one of our buckets they should get on that soon,” McCarthy said. She also noted that the official closing date is pretty much subject to Costello’s whim, and that “people are placing bets at this point” on when the bar’s last day will actually be. So, best to get there while you can, or at least take comfort in the fun new project of wondering what the hell it is they might be keeping in the basement over there.

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