New York Nightlife: A Party Every Day

09/25/2013 4:00 AM |

Photo by Devon Banks

Deep Space

True night-life fiends never stop partying, but if you’re looking to start the week off right, Deep Space is the place. DJ/Producer and founder of Deep Space Francois K. wants you to experience the love for an “under-appreciated musical direction” that’s been taking over the electronic dance music landscape: dub. This isn’t the dubstep of Skrillex or deadmau5; this is the “future dub” of Brooklyn mainstay FaltyDL and UK honcho Joy Orbison. If you’re worried that you won’t “fit in,” don’t worry—most dub kids are welcoming and are just looking for enough space on the floor to groove. Bring eyedrops. Every Monday at Cielo,


What do Wicca and electro remixes of Taylor Swift have in common? On the last Tuesday of every month, the black-clad, lipstick Wiccan of Brooklyn converge on Tandem Bar in Bushwick to celebrate their Wiccan tendencies. This is probably the most interesting night on this list: at first sight, it may seem that this is a monthly Darkthrone and Burzum listening party, but once you get inside, you’ll be glad to see witches (and warlocks, too) mingling. Things to remember about Wicca: Wiccans are not Satanists, and they’d appreciate it if you kept the broom jokes at the door.


Crazy Legs
While they’re not serving booze at the Crazy Legs Skate Club, this weekly Bed-Stuy night is probably the most sober fun you’ll ever have. Classic 70s disco and funk play while you skate in the basketball court of The Salvation Army building on Kosciuzsko Street, lighted by, yes, a disco ball. Afterward, you can head over to Project Parlor or The Black Swan and nurse those bruises and continue the party. Short-shorts and sweat bands optional; dance moves required. At Skate Club.


Basement Bhangra
If you’re sick of going to your local bar’s hip-hop or comedy night, stepping of your nightlife comfort zone is definitely in order. On the first Thursday of every month, head over to (Le) Poisson Rouge and check DJ Rekha’s “Basement Bhangra.” Bhangra–a mixture of Punjabi folk music with about every Western electronic form imaginable–has been Rekha’s mainstay since 1997, and the show regularly sells out. This is like nothing on the list, and we’re pretty confident you’ll be hard pressed to find something comparable outside of the five boroughs. Take note, tourists: unless you’re from India, this is a quintessential NYC underground nightlife
event. At (Le) Pousson Rouge,

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