Photos: The People Who Love Blink 182 More Than They Love Nostalgia

09/12/2013 1:38 PM |


Dispatches from Blink 182’s intimate benefit show last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg report the ageless pop-punk champions opened their encore with “Carousel,” a cut from their loose and fast 1994 debut Cheshire Cat. Logic suggests that whether this was one of the more memorable three-minute spans of someone’s concert-going experience or just a sweaty start to the end of the night comes down to two factors: (1) a person’s age and (2) their natural reflexes to nostalgia. But logic can be misleading. Last night determined that, though the age-level entry point for Blink 182 fandom has stayed put over the years at around 12 or 13, it’s not contained to one generational pool.

Photographer Nadia Chaudhury and I stopped by Music Hall an hour before doors opened&#8212before the 140-character cries of this being the best night everrrr(!!!!) rang out in bulk and three grown men suspended in their teenage years wreaked havoc&#8212to talk to the fans whose love for the band runs deep, whether or not “Carousel” soundtracked the peak of their hormonal awkwardness in 1994.

P.S. A 22-year-old would’ve been 3 when Cheshire Cat was released.