Premiere: Listen to a New Song by Daytona, Feel Happy But Also a Little Sad

09/17/2013 1:45 PM |


I’m not one for exercise or moving my body at all, really, but if all 40-day cycling trips are as pleasant as the band Daytona makes them sound on their new single “The Road,” then perhaps I should reconsider. Cobbled together from members of former and current garage-rock fixtures Wild Yaks, The Siberians and Harlem, Daytona takes their stress-free, tumbled-together sound&#8212one that we’re quite fond of, if you recall a certain “8 Bands You Need to Hear” issue&#8212and drags it through the American landscape. Chronicling a bike trip from North Carolina to New Orleans that frontman Hunter Simpson and drummer Christopher Lauderdale took before moving to NYC, the single journeys across cultures and styles: piny folk is shot through with prickly Afro-Caribbean rhythms, working its way up to a happy-sad swell about a “road that never seems to end.” You don’t want really it to in this case.

Daytona’s self-titled LP is out November 19 via Ernest Jenning. Listen to “The Road” below, then go see it played in the flesh at Cameo on September 26.


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