Ten of the Best Places in Brooklyn to Gorge Yourself on Cheese

09/25/2013 11:16 AM |


You may have heard the big news this week, Ted Cruz is using the senate floor as a platform to quote Toby Keith lyrics Americans are eating more cheese than ever. A lot of it. As in, three times as much as we did in 1970, and around 23 pounds per person per year.


This is as it should be! I guess there are some people out there who dispute the health benefits of over-doing it with cheese, but unless your diet is a steady stream of “Nacho Cheesier” Dorito tacos and Kraft singles, you should be alright. Which means, logically, now is the time to embrace our commonalities with the rest of America, and spend some time eating some of the most cheese-heavy meals in Brooklyn? That is exactly what it means.

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