The 10 Best Brooklyn Dive Bars That Aren’t Open Anymore

09/25/2013 10:51 AM |


No Quarter Bay Ridge bar Brooklyn

10. Fanning’s
We had already spent years hanging out with old guys in dark bars when we wandered one early evening into this spot, and even we felt uncomfortable; it was the grumbly and unfriendly sort of place that’s rapidly disappearing. But it had a nice backyard, surrounded by blue-painted buildings that inspired at least one of our friends to write several poems, like what the Brooklyn Bridge was to Hart Crane. It closed and became No Quarter (not to be confused with South Slope’s Quarter), where one member of the reality show Brooklyn 11223 used to bartend.

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  • Thanks to real estate developers, greedy landlords, Bloomberg, and the hipster gentrification.

  • I can’t believe The Gallery on McDonald avenue that used to be around since the late 30’s or early 40’s didn’t make the cut! Great dive bar, great bar period! Gone over a year now. And yes dive bars are a thing of the past thanks to hipsters and yuppies! Blahhhhh! Very sad whats happening to Brooklyn.