The 10 Best Brooklyn Dive Bars That Aren’t Open Anymore

09/25/2013 10:51 AM |

8. Timboo’s
We once lived down the street from Bill de Blasio for a few months, when this bar stood on the corner. You could tell it was a relic that wouldn’t be around much longer, and indeed we were right: after stopping in only a handful of times, chatting with the wacky bartender with a million stories and a bunch of the kind and boozy regulars, the owners retired, and this place became Skylark. Nothing against Skylark; when we asked a bunch of notable Brooklynites once about their favorite bars, a few—Alex Ross Perry, Lauren Belski—told us it was Skylark. Still, it’s no Timboo’s, for better and worse.

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  • Thanks to real estate developers, greedy landlords, Bloomberg, and the hipster gentrification.

  • I can’t believe The Gallery on McDonald avenue that used to be around since the late 30’s or early 40’s didn’t make the cut! Great dive bar, great bar period! Gone over a year now. And yes dive bars are a thing of the past thanks to hipsters and yuppies! Blahhhhh! Very sad whats happening to Brooklyn.