The 6 Best Car Services in Brooklyn

09/12/2013 12:05 PM |

Me? I’ll walk, or I’ll wait for the subway—like, I’ll take a nap on a bench at 2am waiting for an R, because it’ll come! Eventually! But I know the rest of you like to take cabs, phoning up favorite car services because “fuck that, I am not taking the train.” But who do you call? A 2010 Yellow Pages I just found lists literally hundreds of different numbers! So I polled my friends, a taxi-taking set of twentysomething bargoers, about which places are the best: the friendliest, cheapest, most reliable. This is what they said.

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  • Interestingly enough, just yesterday one of Arecibo’s drivers attempted to shake down an employee of mine for $45 for a fare and demanded his watch as a fair trade when my employee objected.