The 6 Best Car Services in Brooklyn

09/12/2013 12:05 PM |

5. Church Avenue
This place “is great because when they tell me, ‘right away,’ I usually hear them honking on the street about two minutes later,” our own Kristin Iversen says. “The cars are always clean, the drivers usually know where they’re going, and they’re nice about taking dogs. Plus, they’re priced pretty well, I think. I’ve gone from Windsor Terrace to Crown Heights for $9. Totally worth it for a 10-minute car ride versus an hour subway/bus trip. The only downside is, despite having a fleet of what seems like scores of cars, if it’s raining really hard during rush hour or something, it’s impossible to even get them on the phone, so you’re screwed.”

(718) 633-4444
3411 14th Avenue

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  • Interestingly enough, just yesterday one of Arecibo’s drivers attempted to shake down an employee of mine for $45 for a fare and demanded his watch as a fair trade when my employee objected.