The 6 Best Car Services in Brooklyn

09/12/2013 12:05 PM |

1. Mexicana
This place is popular for both its speed and its price. “By far the cheapest and never any more than a five-minute wait,” my buddy Pat says. Owl’s Head co-owner John Avelluto adds: “they once took me from Bushwick to Bay Ridge for $15. MAD FAST.” But it’s more than just that. As my friend Alexandra, who sings in a band, testifies:

“They’re friendly, cheap, and go just about anywhere. They’ve shuttled me to and from Staten Island for shows without any complaints and for a reasonable price. We once had a show on E. 90th Street and First Avenue in the city and somehow our driver got us there [from southern Brooklyn] in 20 minutes. I’ve booked them for an airport pickup the night before, and they’ve shown up earlier then scheduled and have patiently waited for me to get my shit together. Probably most amazingly, they even drove out to Long Island when my friends and I were at a wedding and dreading the 3+ hour commute back to Brooklyn at 12am on a Friday night. They somehow made it out to our location and got us back to BK in an hour flat, and the cost was only a few dollars more per person than it would have been to ride the LIRR and then get home from Penn Station. Well worth it. Above all, I’ve met a lot of interesting drivers, both male and female, in all my years taking Mexicana. For the most part, the drivers are always friendly and personable, and if you don’t feel like talking, they’re cool with that too.”

(718) 437-5555
4604 Seventh Avenue

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  • Interestingly enough, just yesterday one of Arecibo’s drivers attempted to shake down an employee of mine for $45 for a fare and demanded his watch as a fair trade when my employee objected.