The L Is Still A Disaster. 5 Ways You Should Spend Your Weekend Off The JMZ

09/27/2013 10:38 AM |


  • Image via Subwaynut

With the L train still down for the count on weekends (at least, if you need to get anywhere between the Lorimer stop and Myrtle-Wyckoff), now seems like a good time to bite the bullet and come up with some alternatives. Unless you had your heart set on spending the entire weekend in the orbit of the Bedford stop, in which case, uh, to each their own.


But, as the Times helpfully reminded us this week, there’s another train line that runs through North Brooklyn, one that connects the “gritty, hyper-authentic” neighborhoods while still retaining the “humble, old-time ‘el’ feel [and] also exposing straphangers to blistering winter chill on the outdoor platforms.” The JMZ. Home to mystery garbage water that rains down from its elevated tracks, but also, home to a lot of North Brooklyn’s best bars, restaurants, and venues, which as a rule are just a little less packed and unbearable than a lot of their counterparts along the L. While the MTA continues doing whatever it’s doing, here are a few short itineraries to get you started.