The L Is Still A Disaster. 5 Ways You Should Spend Your Weekend Off The JMZ

09/27/2013 10:38 AM |


  • Image via Party Earth

Get Dinner and Drinks Right Under the Train
Of course, there are countless tried and true places to get a drink or a good meal off the Marcy and Hewes stops (Peter Luger, Fatty Cue, East River Bar, the list goes on), and the selection sort of bleeds into the options vaguely surrounding Bedford and even Lorimer. But, no need to walk even a little bit if you don’t want to. Not when Cafe Moto’s seasonal, refreshingly simple menu and Trophy Bar’s frozen margaritas and solid roster of weekend DJs are right there on Broadway, right across the street from each other. It’s all more than enough to fill up an entire night out, but if you get to the area early enough it’s worth stopping by Otha’s for some of the very best espresso in a neighborhood full of stiff competition.

Cafe Moto, 394 Broadway
Trophy Bar, 351 Broadway
Otha’s, 297 Broadway