The L Is Still A Disaster. 5 Ways You Should Spend Your Weekend Off The JMZ

09/27/2013 10:38 AM |


  • Image via Nicki Ishmael/Broke Ass Stuart

Buy Books and Play Pool
A natural pairing, I think? Or at least, a natural pairing off the Central Ave. M stop, an area that often gets treated as a go-between but has some good stuff in its own right. Namely, both Molasses—where you can leaf through used books over coffee or wine—and Gotham City Lounge, one of the area’s relatively longtime standbys, and the only place we know of where you can get a beer for $2, browse a crazy amount of comic book memorabilia, and play a leisurely (albeit cramped) game of pool. Unclear what made them decide to fit a pool table into such a small space, but we’re glad they did.

Molasses Books, 770 Hart St.
Gotham City Lounge, 1293 Myrtle Ave.