The Post Takes on de Blasio’s “Bleary, Dreary” Stoner Eyes

09/26/2013 10:09 AM |


  • Image via New York Post

Well, the stoner part is sort of an inference about the Post‘s inference about this old, unflattering yearbook photo of Bill de Blasio apparently mid-blink (accompanied by the lede “Far out, man—I might be your mayor soon”). But is anyone really gonna take this copy about his “far-away gaze” any other way? Am I just seeing what I want to see through my own bleary-eyed 420-vision?


Possibly! But probably not. Anyway, also notable, per the Post, is de Blasio’s open collar, indicative of the fact that “ties were not in style among the school’s activist set.” I’m not really sure what kind of herb wears a tie in a yearbook photo, but I suppose these were different times. Still, point taken. Bill de Blasio is probably, maybe, a weed smoking degenerate who will drag our city back down to its 1970s nadir within a month in office! Or embarrassing college photos of politicians are never not worth looking that. Probably the latter.

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