This Is Their Jam: Playlists for 10 Iconic Fictional Characters

09/20/2013 10:00 AM |


Josephine “Jo” March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women: Listen here.

Allo Darlin’ – “My Heart Is a Drummer”
Kindred spirit Elizabeth Morris exudes positivity and warmth, all while declaring that she’s as strong as a drumbeat, which, if you’re taking notes, is a lot stronger than the sad sack she’s dating at the moment. Her balance of femininity and defiance could’ve easily been informed by Jo’s.

Beyonce – “Run the World (Girls)”
I’m going to go ahead and argue that the evolution of the modern American Girl began with the March family’s boisterous middle child and has self-actualized with Beyonce.

Wild Flag – “Romance”
A reminder that love isn’t restricted to human interaction. You can love anything. A place. A food. A way of doing your hair. A piece of art. For Carrie Brownstein and crew, it’s music; for Jo, it’s literature and writing, and all that other stuff too.

Regina Spektor – “Us”
But if Jo were to cave and write a love song for Friederich, there’s a good chance it’d end up sounding something like this.

Rilo Kiley – “A Better Son/Daughter”
Jo messed up again. She’s very sorry. As a penance, she’ll dictate the second half of this song 100 times on a single piece of paper: “You’ll be positive though it hurts, you’ll be honest, you’ll be brave…”

– LB