This Is Their Jam: Playlists for 10 Iconic Fictional Characters

09/20/2013 10:00 AM |


Daniel Quinn from Paul Auster’s City of Glass: Listen here.

Charles Mingus – “Boogie Stop Shuffle”
No playlist for a New York novel that traffics in noir/hardboiled genres would be complete without some classic New York jazz. This one, with its blues and boogie influences, wonderfully matches City of Glass‘ intertextual tendencies.

Don Caballero – “Fire Back About Your New Baby’s Sex”
For a reader who’s not accustomed to “postmodern” styles, it can be pretty hard to keep track of what’s “happening” in the novel. For first time Don Cab listeners, it can be pretty hard to keep that foot tapping, what with all of its changes and breakdowns.

Shellac – “Song Against Itself”
You soon discover that “Daniel Quinn” is an allusion and homage to Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, and we thought it was only appropriate to throw in a song that references itself as it progresses. And Shellac: what’s not to love?

Dirty Beaches – “Night Walk”
Prince-tinged synth percussion and DB’s drunk, terrifying vocals are a perfect accompaniment to Quinn’s descent into confusion and madness.

Sonic Youth – “Disconnection Notice”
City of Glass is, in part, a novel about the impossibility of finding the ultimate origin of identity and reality, or if there’s only one. So, uh, yeah, it’s not exactly a happy ending for Quinn.


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