Weiner Lost! Spitzer Lost! Hynes Lost! De Blasio Won!: Everything You Need to Know About New York’s Primary Elections You Can Learn From Twitter

09/11/2013 10:05 AM |


The Republicans Had a Primary Too

Now, sure, when I went to vote, the guy showing me how to use the machine (which, RIP Soviet-era lever voting machines…I remember helping my mom pull the big red handle when she voted for Dinkins) asked almost as an afterthought, “You’re a Democrat, right?” before smiling and saying, “Seems like everyone is today.” But, in fact, there are some New York City Republicans (many, MANY of whom live in Bay Ridge) and they voted in the primaries too. And they voted for the much more sane candidate, so good for New York Republicans! And so long Catsimitidis. You made for good headlines, and you look like a Dick Tracy villain, but you’re guilty of electioneering and are a pretty awful person.



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  • this is amateurish and blatantly biased.

    shameful coverage of a serious election with very serious consequences, especially for boroklyn’s redevelopment future.

  • @politico It’s true. I’m really biased against your boy Anthony Weiner. But it wasn’t just me! It was also 95% of the NYC Democrats who voted yesterday. So, while it must be hard for you, you’re just going to have to learn to move on. Good luck!