Weiner Lost! Spitzer Lost! Hynes Lost! De Blasio Won!: Everything You Need to Know About New York’s Primary Elections You Can Learn From Twitter

09/11/2013 10:05 AM |


You Didn’t Win Sal, But We’re Still Happy You Ran!

A quick shout out to Bay Ridge candidate Sal Albanese. A true progressive, Albanese never had a shot this year, but he never gave up and it looks like he had a nice little party going on at the Owl’s Head in Bay Ridge. Thanks for running, Sal! You’re one of the good guys.

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  • this is amateurish and blatantly biased.

    shameful coverage of a serious election with very serious consequences, especially for boroklyn’s redevelopment future.

  • @politico It’s true. I’m really biased against your boy Anthony Weiner. But it wasn’t just me! It was also 95% of the NYC Democrats who voted yesterday. So, while it must be hard for you, you’re just going to have to learn to move on. Good luck!