Williamsburg Responds to Burning Man

09/03/2013 11:14 AM |

Sort of like this, but a woman and made of ice.

  • Sort of like this, but a woman and made of ice.

While you were at the Hamptons this weekend (right?), you missed some major news events here in the city: a python briefly escaped its enclosure at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, tragedy struck the Electric Zoo Festival, and, in Williamsburg, a 300-pound block of ice chiseled into the shape of a busty woman melted to the merriment of hula hoopers and people garbed in fuchsia.

If you, like this seemingly reasonable human being, opted not to join the 61,000 freewheeling souls, CEOs, venture capitalists and George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend in the Nevada desert at Burning Man last week, there was still a way to live out a Ke$ha music video right here from home. On Saturday, Battery Harris bar hosted the first-ever Melting Woman festival, the brainchild of a few former Burners unable to make it out West this year and looking to ease the cruel reality by co-opting similar vibes locally.


Costumes, DJs, art installations and drink specials were worked into the daylong event, obviously, with the East Coast version revolving around the aforementioned 3-foot ice woman rather than a towering wooden effigy that’s traditionally set on fire at the end of the week-long desert ritual.

“In the same way they burn a man at Burning Man, our woman will be melted by the end of the day,” co-organizer Stephanie Bucko told DNAinfo, speaking of the armless bust. “It turns out limbs are really expensive because you have to buy separate blocks of ice.” So that explains that.

In other news, Burning Man officially entered the age of social media this year as Wifi was available for the first time at the site, making for whole new world of not-entirely-off-the-grid Instagram and Twitter postings, if you care to take a look.

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