Your Groggy, Post-Holiday Weekend New Music Round-Up

09/03/2013 12:37 PM |


Rest easy everyone, the tyranny of summer jam season is finally easing. Whole rivers of new music are soon to be released, music for which we will not have to consider the utility they might bring to any sort of Brooklyn beach blast or Backyard BBQ slam jam. We might not even have to swim through over-moist air, like, any day now.

The biggest local music headline is that arena-packing Brooklyn noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells just announced a new record, Bitter Rivals, scheduled for an October 8th release. This is their third record in four years, an impressive workrate in an era where long, long touring gaps are the norm for bands who can make their bank headlining big rooms. Though guitarist Derek Miller is credited as the album’s producer, it was mixed by Andrew Dawson, a rap producer who most notably had a hand in recent Kanye releases Yeezus and Watch the Throne.

Watch the video for the album’s title track below, and we’ll discuss: