Sponsored: 8 Great Photographic Locations in Greenpoint

10/10/2013 2:21 PM |

Sunset over East River Greenpoint Brooklyn

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Previously, we took you on a tour of Williamsburg’s Best Photographic Locations, from the East River State Park to Juliette’s restaurant on N6th. Today, we’re heading north to Greenpoint, which the L Mag named the number one neighborhood in Brooklyn. Like Williamsburg, Greenpoint has an industrial past, much of which still remains even as more young restaurateurs and artisans move in and set up shop. This mixing creates some striking juxtapositions that make for stunning photos. So check out a few of these spots for your next photo shoot.


Greenpoint East River Empire State Building Brooklyn

The India Street Pier is one of the most striking examples of Greenpoint’s gritty charm. The pier itself is clean and modern (though the cleanliness of the water is another question). The East River Ferry stops at the end of the dock, as as you walk inland, you’ll begin to notice the crumbling cement and stray bits of fencing. The Chrysler and Empire State Building just across the river make for a unique shot.

Eagle Trading Co Greenpoint Brooklyn

Heading north from the pier, stop at Eagle Trading Co. on the corner of Eagle and Franklin Streets. This picturesque café has a decidedly vintage feel with details like old glass coke bottles, distressed tables and a big stopwatch-style clock. It’s a great place to set a 1940s, ’50s or ’60s era fashion shoot.

Box House Hotel Greenpoint Brooklyn

Another great spot for vintage shoots is the Box House Hotel on Box Street. This part of Greenpoint, on the northern tip near Newtown Creek, doesn’t get nearly as much foot traffic as the southern and western parts of the ‘hood. But stroll up to the Box House Hotel and you’ll feel like you just walked into an Edward Hopper painting. Inside, the hotel is more contemporary in design, but beautiful as well, with lots of vibrant colors and attention to detail.

Milk and Roses Greenpoint Brooklyn

There’s no lack of attention to detail at Milk & Roses, a neighborhood favorite. This coffee shop by day slash wine bar by night has the cozy feel of a Paris café with book-lined walls, votive candles illuminating the marble tables, and a baby grand piano. Milk & Roses hosts poetry readings and occasional concerts, so it’s perfect for a literary shoot or as the backdrop for an author portrait. Don’t miss the enchanting garden in the back.

From the Source showroom Greenpoint Brooklyn

For a photo shoot meant to highlight the best of made-in-Brooklyn design, head over to From the Source by the waterfront on West Street. If the furniture looks familiar, that’s because it has appeared everywhere from Birreria at Eataly and the Gansevoort Park Hotel to Crate & Barrel. Much of the wood is reclaimed or sourced from Indonesia, which gives it that distinctive rustic feel. Walk through the huge warehouse and you’ll find plenty of spacious rooms great for shoots with an industrial edge.

Glasserie glass factory Greenpoint Brooklyn

On the same note, we would be remiss not to mention Glasserie on Commercial Street. Housed in a former glass factory, the brasserie-style restaurant serves Mediterranean-inspired seasonal fare. The dining room and bar are very atmospheric, but there’s something amazing about the interior courtyard, which has a little John Deere tractor parked inside. We wouldn’t be surprised to see fashion spreads shot in here.

Elementary School Lorimer Street Greenpoint Brooklyn

It may seem a bit odd to include an elementary school on a list of photographic locations, but PS 31 on Meserole Avenue is such a gorgeous example of Beaux-Arts architecture that we just had to mention it. It’s also pretty amazing that en elementary school full of kids can maintain such a perfect white exterior. Anyway, you won’t find many elementary schools like it, making it a great place to photograph.

Dandelion Wine Greenpoint Brooklyn

Finally, we just had to throw Dandelion Wine into the mix because it’s such a charming little shop. If you want to show you know your way around your Cabernets and Pinots, set up a little shoot in Dandy. Recommended bottles have handwritten tags with notes by the staff, who are truly dedicated to curating the best selection possible. They also host weekly wine and cheese tastings on Thursdays.

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