Hold The Duckface: The Rookery

11/20/2013 4:00 AM |

But the biggest draw here is the inexpensive, rib-sticking British pub fare. When the large, bearded man sitting on the stool beside mine said that he’s lived nearby for 10 years and the Rookery’s mac n’ cheese is one of the best things that happened to the neighborhood in a long time, I had to try some; the oversized $8 ramekin of shells in a rich sauce of sharp cheddar, parmesan and gruyere doesn’t disappoint. The veggie burger, another hearty vegetarian option priced at $8, pairs peas, lentils, onions and potatoes with mild Indian spices, then tops it off with sweet mango chutney. For meat lovers, the $12 shepherd’s pie blankets tender and slightly gamey curried goat with a thick, buttery layer of whipped parsnip and potato puree. On the weekends, you can get a serving of a traditional British Sunday roast for under $15—think lamb with roasted root vegetables and mint sauce or roast beef with garlicky asparagus and crispy, paprika-dusted potatoes. All in all, it’s well worth braving that short walk down Troutman Street—just keep your duckface
to yourself.

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  • Is this a serious review?

  • Yes, you heard right. The Jefferson L stop is the most dangerous stop in Brooklyn. And, of course, you also know that Brooklyn is the most dangerous place in the Western Hemisphere. Seriously.. Troutman Street? Almost everyone I know, men and women, that was foolish enough to walk around Troutman St was raped and murdered there. Is the mac and cheese worth YOUR LIFE? It’s much safer in NJ, Long Island or Ohio. Save yourself.

  • It is extremely dangerous. I am bewildered each time I see little twenty somethings, strolling around during the wee hours, are hipsters all stoned, are they so naive to believe that this is some fashionable new safe area. It will take another fifteen to twenty years to be night time friendly.btw, couldn’t pay me enough to ever be at that subway station