New Doc Captures Oral Histories of South Williamsburg

11/20/2013 10:00 AM |

Of Memory & Los Sures movie documentary short Williamsburg southside Brooklyn

What’s at stake of being lost?
Andrew: In the 1970s and 80s, a really solid social justice movement was built around the arts and gang-reduction and community building. I think many of the new residents don’t realize that it still exists as a major pillar in the community. So I think there’s a threat that their influence and message on the newer communities moving in will be lost in translation if more interaction isn’t promoted. 

Is there anything people can do to help?
Andrew: I think it’s more about the new residents in South Williamsburg making an effort to meeting their neighbors who have been long-time residents and engage them in a positive and productive way. That makes a big difference. 

Laurie: I’d like to see more people getting to know their neighbors and engaging in their community; at the very least, caring about the quality of life and having some pride for it. “Neighborliness,” I suppose, is a good word; be like Mr. Rogers! I believe there is a sense from the long-time residents that newcomers treat it like a college dorm, disposable and transient.

Do you live in Los Sures?
Andrew: I lived in Los Sures for a period when I was in New York City; I’m based in Charlottesville now. I didn’t have deep roots there when we started this film, which in a way helped. It meant we could just really listen when we interviewed and absorb and share in the oral histories we conducted. 

Laurie: I lived close to Los Sures, on N. 6th Street, while I was working on this project. I have to say, there is a marked difference once you cross Metropolitan Avenue, though it becomes less obvious as time goes on. So many new condos, bars and restaurants! I was far more aware of the borders and boundaries of this neighborhood when researching the neighborhood and its history. I began to appreciate the “quality” of why I enjoyed living there so much. I am originally from Hawaii, so this pretty much is what I envisioned when I decided to live in NYC.

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