The Brooklynite’s Guide To Holiday Shopping

11/20/2013 4:00 AM |

Barking Brown

You have a girlfriend (congrats! you did it!), but you have no clue what to buy her. You also have a job (congrats! your parents are so proud!), but most of your salary goes toward rent. Here’s what you do: walk a few blocks past Green in BKLYN to one of the borough’s best modestly priced clothing and accessory boutiques. Close your eyes, spin in a circle a few times, and whatever’s in front of you when you stop, that’s what you get her. If you’re a real catch, you’ll also check out Barking Brown’s slightly fancier sister store, BYME, just a few blocks down Myrtle. 468 Myrtle Avenue, Clinton Hill


You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry at this Bedford Avenue boutique, although you certainly could. But we think the items on our personal wish list are reasonably priced, like the Dream Collective snake bangle ($100), silver Catbird Kitten Mitten finger bracelet ($56), or even the Odette Atlas cage earrings ($164). If you’re not shopping for a significant other, a variety of health and beauty items make excellent stocking stuffers, like Saipua saltwater soap ($10), Mullein and Sparrow facial steam ($14), or La Nuit bergamot lip balm ($6). 219 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Norbu Bijoux

See what they did there with the name? Blending the Tibetan and French words for “precious gem” and “jewels” reflects the store’s dually inspired wares. Collections of pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other small, delicate trinkets from both Eastern and Western (including local) designers are sold here. Together they span several price ranges, so you can pick up something for the sister you really love and also the one who stole your boyfriend in the seventh grade that you never really forgave. 232 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg