30 Under 30: The Young Brooklynites We Envy Most

12/04/2013 4:00 AM |

The L Magazine was a free bi-weekly magazine in New York City from 2003-2015, co-founded by brothers Scott Stedman and Daniel Stedman.

1. Amy Rose Spiegel, 22

As a story editor for Rookie, Spiegel maneuvers between dishing on pop culture, confessing her insecurities in long-form think-pieces about What It All Means, and providing regular makeup tutorials, always managing to strike the balance between trusted BFF and coolly concerned guidance counselor. Tapping into an innate ability to speak to those both younger and older than her 22 years, she recently opted to kick the routine of her day job as associate editor at BuzzFeed Music (a position she landed within 24 hours of graduating college) to pursue more freelance projects like becoming an NYC correspondent for NME or an on-air authority for MTV’s end-of-year music recap later this month. She’s the ultimate Millennial, but in all the best ways.

2. Margot (Caitlin) Moe, 26

How many classically trained violinists with wild-child, evil-twin pseudonyms do you know? Well, meet Margot (née Caitlin Moe) who is one half (along with Mia Moretti) of duo The Dolls. Margot (who is apparently Caitlin’s alter-ego) plays electronic violin over tracks by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jay-Z when the two perform, blowing up any and all preconceived notions you might have had about classical violinists. And girls named Caitlin.

3. Jake Hurwitz, 28

In case you ever need to figure out whether your career in comedy is working for you, consider measuring yourself against Jake Hurwitz. Do you have a wildly entertaining podcast? An incredibly popular web series? A successful tenure at College Humor? If you answered yes to all those questions, then congratulations! But it’s very possible that one of the only ways you were able to answer yes to all those questions would be if you were, in fact, Jake Hurwitz. But you’re probably not, are you? Keep trying!

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