30 Under 30: The Young Brooklynites We Envy Most

12/04/2013 4:00 AM |

29. Liz Holm, 27
Film Program Director/Producer

While almost every twentysomething we know counts themselves as a fan of Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, and Gaby Hoffmann, Liz Holm is the rare person who actually gets to work with them. In between her day job as Kickstarter’s Film Program Director, she’s also spent the past two years producing Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child, which expanded out of a short (also starring Slate) and is set to world premiere in early 2014 (it was also just announced as a selection for Sundance 2014). A native Manhattanite, Holm currently lives in Bed-Stuy. “The Brooklyn film community has more-than arrived,” she says. “The vast majority of filmmakers I know live in Brooklyn, and more production companies are setting up shop here if they haven’t already. Our Obvious Child production office—formerly a beauty parlor, now a cafe—was on the corner of Union and Meserole, and during our stay, the tattoo shop next door kindly shared their Wi-Fi.”

30. Lotfy Nathan, 27

Notable indie distributor Oscilloscope will release, in late January, the director’s 12 O’Clock Boys, a documentary about a crew of dirt-bikers in Baltimore. Wait, Baltimore? Even though he’s lived in Williamsburg for more than a year now (ever since a friend offered him a “reasonably priced and comfortable” spot)? “It’s hard for me to make original work living here,” he tells us. “I find it important to maintain outside influences and leave often. On the other hand, I do meet some very talented people around here—and it’s an audience worth listening to.”

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