30 Under 30: The Young Brooklynites We Envy Most

12/04/2013 4:00 AM |

10. Emily Lichtenberg,25
Webseries Host/Event Producer

If we were in the business of writing trend pieces about, say, Millennials with multihyphenate careers (spoiler: there are lots of them!), we’d look no further than Emily Lichtenberg. In between hosting episodes of her web series Slumber Party @emmieshouse (now in its second season), which finds the likes of Charli XCX, Fort Lean, and Kitten hanging out in their pajamas for interviews and games of Truth or Dare, Lichtenberg is building up a dizzying resume as an all-purpose host and event producer. Among other things, she’s cocreated the Brooklyn Vintage Crawl and the monthly concert series FUZZ, spent CMJ interviewing bands for FlyBy, coproduced an in-office Haerts and Alex Winston performance for Buzzfeed, and turned a hosting gig at Charli XCX’s Irving Plaza headline gig into an extravaganza called “Charli XCX’s Super Ultra Party.” Which is all to say that if you find yourself at a massive, incredible party any time in the next year, there’s a very good chance she’s throwing it.

11. Rafiq Bhatia, 26

Jazz might not be the musical genre most associated with young people today, but Bhatia has made a name for himself creating innovative sounds that make jazz relevant and accessible for everyone. Following the double release this fall of Strata and Yes It Will, Bhatia received acclaim from the New York Times, Time Out New York, The Fader, and just about every single person who heard him play. Catch him at Glasslands on December 19, and revel in the wild and intricate sounds he offers.

12. Robyn Lee, 28

For the last six years, Lee has not only been contributing to the highly regarded Serious Eats, but she’s also kept up a personal blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything. Known for incisive, witty writing and mouth-watering photography, Lee prefers the focus to be on food—not on her. A former Food Studies major at NYU (“Yup, that’s a real thing!”), Lee has become an essential part of the food community and shows no signs of slowing. “If you put food I like in front of me,” Lee says, “I’ll probably eat it, whether or not my stomach has any more room.”

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