30 Under 30: The Young Brooklynites We Envy Most

12/04/2013 4:00 AM |

22. Vinson Petrillo, 29
Chef de Cuisine at Prospect

It’s easy to single out Petrillo at work, bald head bowed and brow intensely furrowed as he hunches over a plate of free-range pheasant, arranging slivers of meat, roasted date and pear. And he’s become just as recognizable on TV, whether sailing to victory on Chopped (twice) or on Top Chef Masters: Battle of the Sous Chefs. Petrillo isn’t one to rest on his laurels. Ever the student, he continues to push himself, recently spending 15 days living and working under Clause Hendrickson at Noma in Copenhagen, learning about the ins and outs of modern Nordic cuisine.

23. Liza Dye, 24

We first came across Dye on Twitter (her GIF avatar never fails to hypnotize us), but we quickly found out that she’s much funnier on stage at UCB then she is in 140-characters (so, very funny). If it’s too hard for you to drag yourself over to the East Village to see her standup, you can find her DJing and cohosting a radio show with fellow UCB comedian Charla Lauriston at Free Cable. Or you can just follow her on Twitter and revel in her obsessive love for all things Chelsea Peretti and Kanye.

24/25. Mallory Blair, 24
Bianca Caampued, 28

Public Relations

At ages when most aspiring PR gurus are still toiling away on mailing lists and coffee runs, Bianca Caampued and Mallory Blair were busy launching Small Girls PR (so-named for their diminutive heights), which has become something of a startup tour-de-force in the three years since its launch. Their client roster has ballooned to include Google, GE, Pinkberry, Gawker Media, and Flavorpill, all of whom flock to the company for its relentlessly bubbly but incredibly canny use of social media (and the force of its founders’ personalities) to work event magic for even the most staid, old-guard brands. If we had to guess how public relations will look over the course of the next decade, it’d be like this.

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