Gift Guide: ~*~Marilyn Monroe~*~ Swag For Every Person On Your List

12/06/2013 3:16 PM |


If you’ve ever browsed the novelty t-shirt selection at, say, tourist trap booths in Soho or on the Atlantic City boardwalk, you’ll know that through some strange accident of marketing, American iconography, and the widespread availability of photoshop, there’s a lot of merch featuring a specific, posthumous iteration of Marilyn Monroe: tatted up, tits out (more than usual), guns blazin’. And if you’ve ever tried your hand at holiday shopping, you’ll know that it’s super stressful!


It seems, then, like the natural conclusion to use one of these facts of life to mitigate the other? In fact, we don’t know why we haven’t been doing this every single year of our gift-buying adult lives. But, no use in dwelling on the past. Below, some custom recommendation for your friends, loved ones, and colleagues.


Mom: “Monroe Wearing bandana and skull art” t-shirt, $9.90


Dad: Chicago Bulls tee, $14.95. For your tech-savvy brother, get the iPhone case version.


Younger Sister: Hollywood USA Angel T-Shirt, £14.95