OUTLET: New Inputs & Insights

12/04/2013 4:00 AM |

Situated in a storefront space in more or less the true geographic heart of Bushwick, OUTLET Fine Art is not exactly new. Recently, however, it has undergone a fair amount of internal renewal—physical, administrative and, in a way, alliterative—to give it a renewed face and a couple of new faces. Founder Julian A. Jimarez Howard is now joined by Norte Maar Director Jason Andrew and artist John Silvis to form a curatorial triumvirate. We asked each how he became involved with and envisions this joint endeavor.

Julian A. Jimarez Howard
OUTLET initially began as a six-month pop-up under the name Sunset Surf Club. It was a project that aimed to support the numerous artists I had come to be involved with in New York and elsewhere. After a particularly successful curatorial collaboration with Aliza Kelly Faragher, we decided to change the space into OUTLET. About a year later, Jason and I were talking about a collaboration around the same time Aliza decided to move to LA. While the gallery’s future seemed uncertain, it seemed to make the most sense for Jason and I to continue our promotion of the arts together at the space along with John. We hope this new iteration will allow us to pool all of our resources and create something truly fantastic.

Jason Andrew
When I learned that Julian was losing his original partner, I approached him about keeping the space going and invited John Silvis to join us. Collaboration has always been at the heart of the various multidisciplinary events I’ve been producing in New York for nearly 20 years, so this partnership is a nice extension of that. I have been one of the biggest promoters of the Bushwick Art scene since 2006, mostly through the nonprofit Norte Maar (and through Storefont, which I founded with Deborah Brown). Now OUTLET will serve as an access point to some of the most exciting art being made today, and I am excited to collaborate with Julian and John to make this incredible work visible.

John Silvis
As an artist, my curatorial practice began with a desire to support my peers by presenting their work. That culminated last year in New.NewYork, a group exhibition at the Essl Museum in Vienna, Austria, which featured 19 contemporary artists, mostly from Brooklyn. Recently my research has included international emerging artists, especially in Beijing and Berlin. When Jason and Julian approached me about joining the gallery, I was excited about the opportunity to participate in a fluid curating process that would allow me to feature international artists making important work, and to broaden my aesthetic within our collaboration.

The current exhibition at OUTLET—the J-trio’s first collaborative effort—is Fresh 10, on view through December 8. The next show, 3 Artists / 3 Weeks + 15 Artists in Black & White, opens Friday, December 13.

Photo: Left to right, J. Andrew, J. Silvis, J. A. Jimarez Howard. Artwork by Theresa Daddezio. Courtesy OUTLET Fine Art.

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