The 10 Best New Brooklyn Bars of 2013

12/18/2013 4:00 AM |

Photo by Helena Wolfenson

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Happyfun Hideaway
1211 Myrtle Avenue, Bushwick

This is a welcome new addition to the burgeoning bar scene around the Myrtle-Broadway JMZ stop, and an unmatched source of vegetarian junk food and tropical drinks like the “coconut cloud.” It may cater to a specific set of needs, but it does so incredibly well.

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1112 Bedford Avenue, Bed-Stuy

Easily one of the coziest new bars of the year, this is a new, quiet, lovely place where anyone in the vicinity can enjoy a beer (or one of the many, many whiskeys) in peace. It’s not a stretch to call what they do an important public service.

Photo by Austin McAllister

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Isle of Skye
488 Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg

With a North Slope sister spot, the Duke of Montrose, this Williamsburg whiskey joint might not have the most stylish decor, but it has a thorough, kick-ass selection of Scotch, plus enough beer, wine and cocktails to appease everyone from the whiskey-averse to the whiskey-curious.

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451 Court Street, South Brooklyn

This is certainly the year’s most controversial bar, with the PJ Hanley’s purists crying foul over the remaking of Brooklyn’s Oldest Bar. People have legitimate grievances with the owners, too, but those aside, we actually like this space better now that it’s not as gimmicky—that its beer list is more local, its menu more vegetarian- and celiac-friendly.

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