The 10 Biggest Developments in Brooklyn Art of 2013

12/18/2013 4:00 AM |

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As many likely predicted a year ago, Brooklyn’s various art neighborhoods and their respective spaces and institutions were more active than ever in 2013. Even artists and areas of the city that started off the year still cleaning up from Superstorm Sandy wound down the calendar with a widely acclaimed exhibition at Industry City in Sunset Park that served as testimony to the same, Come Together: Surviving Sandy. What follows is a brief account of some shows and events of variable noteworthiness. It’s incomplete. It’s uneven. It’s in no particular order. But it’s a glimpse of the recent past that bodes well for the near future.

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Open Studios

Bigger and broader than ever, and ever worthy of broader applause, Bushwick Open Studios was just one huge and hugely successful initiative of its kind this year. Although not all of them new, similar events were similarly extensive and well attended from Greenpoint to DUMBO to Sunset Park. Brooklyn artists might spend some time fretting about the tenability of their work spaces, and justifiably so, but they’re still spending a lot more time making things and building their communities, and inviting growing publics to come have a look. The scenes are hale and hearty—maybe even haler and heartier. For now, yes, for now.

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Color Line

Outpost Artists Resources, deep into Ridgewood proper, houses studio spaces and hosts resident artists, but it also has a fantastic exhibition space. Color Line, a varicolorfully splendid exhibition curated by artist Rico Gatson, and featuring a dozen mostly Brooklyn-based artists, lured many a visitor out to Norman Street. We imagine that all of them found the jaunt well worth it.

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Reinvigorated and reenvisioned, this yet newish Bushwick art space is now helmed by three curators with shared first initials and shared horizons—and with interestingly different intents and visions. Jason Andrew, John Silvis and Julian A. Jimarez Howard put on a couple strong shows to end the year. Keep an eye on them in 2014.