The 10 Biggest Developments in Brooklyn Art of 2013

12/18/2013 4:00 AM |

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Brooklyn Museum

Lots of great exhibitions at the borough’s biggest art institution in 2013, but a few of our favorites were Mike Ballou’s edition of Raw/Cooked, John Singer Sargent Watercolors and Fine Lines. Another good move by the Brooklyn Museum was not organizing another Brooklyn GO! If it goes down again in 2014, we hope it’s better conceived than it was in 2012. Its intentions were great, after all.

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Barclays Center didn’t only raise eyebrows with twerkers this year. It also raised them with a big crew of workers who showed up one day over the summer to install a massive, wonderful new sculpture by Bushwick-based sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard. It’s named Ona, but viewers see her as all kinds of things. “It looks like a big damn space alien’s leg!” said a passerby, with great glee, when we visited. Public art par excellence.

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Bay Ridge SAW

The annual Storefront Art Walk organized by a couple of locals and hosted by the neighborhood’s businesses saw its fourth iteration this summer—and it was a bit bigger, a bit more funded, and a lot more visited. Organizers have already announced their new nonprofit status and plans to keep art athrive in Bay Ridge in 2014.