The 20 Best Films of 2013

12/18/2013 4:00 AM |

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****** 5 ******
The Act of Killing
Joshua Oppenheimer

Forget Idi Amin Dada: this behind-the-scenes look at government-sanctioned Indonesian gangsters (who killed thousands of “Communists” in the 60s) as they re-create their executions on film and confront their crimes is horrifying, hilarious, astonishing and devastating. It’s a masterpiece about the intersection of cinema, pop culture, politics, nationalism and mass murder—basically, the 20th century. 
Henry Stewart

****** 4 ******
Computer Chess
Andrew Bujalski

No film better described how we live now than this lo-fi, epic anti-indie. It’s a group biopic of sorts—of the brains who would create and code the present. Malevolent fluffy kitties signal the future, where cat pics substitute for social interaction. 
Miriam Bale