The 25 Best Stage Shows of 2013

12/18/2013 4:00 AM |

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We hadn’t given this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic enough credit until the New York Philharmonic’s exquisitely performed semistaged production in March, which revealed to us that it is in fact one of the great masterpieces of American art.

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Two Boys

Nico Muhly’s anticipated new opera at the Met derived most of its poignancy from Craig Lucas’s libretto, which deftly related the ripped-from-the-headlines story of the title characters, who drove each other to murder-suicide in Internet
chat rooms.

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The Revisionist

Vanessa Redgrave gave one of her greatest performances in Jesse Eisenberg’s play about family and generational gaps. In fact, we’ll go further and say that she gave the greatest performance we’ve ever seen in the theater: raw, sensual, epically scaled, spectacularly open, and unforgettably beseeching.

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Daniel Kitson’s show at St. Ann’s Warehouse uses 23 tape machines playing prerecorded snippets of audio to tell two interweaving stories about memory and the fragile ephemerality of our lives. Its conceptual brilliance—our lives as memories, our memories as scattered and eraseable—is deeply moving.