The 5 Best Exhibitions of 2013 in NYC… and Beyond!

12/18/2013 4:00 AM |

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Lisa Dillin, Stopgap
Gallery Four, Baltimore

New York artists should visit Baltimore regularly, as this show made plain. Its theme was basically nature meets trompe l’oeil Photoshop: think fake ferns growing out of piled formica cubes; a tanning booth; a mini fridge made out of a boulder; and a watering hole with astroturf platforms around a communal drinking fountain. The whole show looked great, but my favorite part was the little Flintstone outfits you were invited to put on before heading to the tanning booth. It’s just so fun—and of course, the spray tan is the fakest shit ever. It’s the perfect look for your next dinner party (which, naturally, should be at Flux).

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Iron Chef
Flux Factory, Long Island City

If events like Flux Factory’s Iron Chef contest were ubiquitous, I’d never pen another negative review. One wild night in late February, residents Georgia Muenster, Aliya Bonar, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Stephanie Avery, and Nick Cregor threw hundreds of raisins together to create a series of raisin-based dishes. Each artist vied for the trophy—a yellow sponge with glasses, a fake nose, and a whisk for hair—which Bonar eventually nabbed. In the process of putting her dish together, she was forced to crush her almonds with a teapot. The judges, of which I was one, decided that demonstrated a creative ingenuity that we loved.