Brooklyn Innovators: The Businesses Changing the Way We Do Business

01/29/2014 4:00 AM |

Maker’s Row

If there’s one story we’ve heard repeatedly from designers, food manufacturers, and small business owners across the borough, it’s that once a company gets past the “doing everything in your own living room” phase, it can be frustrating and often impossible to find a usable manufacturing space in Brooklyn, try as they might to keep things local. But while Brooklyn’s days as an industrial hub may be behind it, there’s no need to outsource a project overseas or
scrap those business
plans entirely.

This is thanks in large part to Maker’s Row, which bridges the gap at every stage of a project’s life: design (they’ve got pattern makers), materials, the creation of samples and tools and, eventually, mass production. Cofounders Tanya Menendez and Matthew Burnett have built up a staggering network of manufacturers and factories in all 50 states and made it blissfully easy to connect with them, so whether you’re looking to start a major line of furniture or simply expand your Etsy side-hustle into something bigger, they can make it happen. (Their website’s sleek, accessible design helps, too.) With such easy access to high quality, pre-vetted production, Maker’s Row provides that all-too-rare assurance—that your business really will be in good hands.

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