People Leave A Lot of Strange Things For The Waiters At Nitehawk

01/29/2014 12:25 PM |


  • Image via Nitehawk Droppings

Finally, the perfect marriage of two of our favorite places to go to be relaxed and entertained: that is, of Nitehawk Cinema and Tumblr. We stumbled across the staff’s “Nitehawk Droppings” page this morning and it is… quite a treat.


While it’s never occurred to me personally to use their handwritten ordering system to scrawl anything other than an order for more gin and tonics and tater tots (I hate drawing and don’t know how to do it), it would seem that a lot of other people use their small scraps of paper to test-out cartoons, draw an illustration or rhebus of their order, or just talk about their philosophies and porn preferences for a sec. The whole thing is worth a quick scroll through, but a few choice examples below. Good use of pencils, good use of the internet, good use of all of our time. Two thumbs up.


  • Image via Nitehawk Droppings


  • Image via Nitehawk Droppings


  • Image via Nitehawk Droppings

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