#PolarVortex2: The Best Snowy Instagrams From This Morning in Brooklyn

01/21/2014 1:24 PM |

The term “polar vortex” may sound like what happens at the crescendo of a sci-fi movie set in a galactic arctic wasteland, but when you combine “polar vortex” with Brooklyn, it’s more “charming indie dramedy” than “terrifying space adventure.”

This morning, in the early throes of #PolarVortex (the Sequel), Brooklynites took photos of many a snowy bridge, wet shoes on cobblestones and frozen tree-lined streets during their commutes. Here are a few choice images that will lure you out of the indoor comforts of coffee and cats and into the lovely, wintry microcosm that is #PolarVortex II. The snow won’t stay this white for long, folks. Go forth and frolic!