Trouble Makers: Talking With Hospitality

01/15/2014 4:00 AM |

Could you talk about what transpired between the two records? I know the first one took a long time to come out, and the songs had been around on the Internet forever, so I imagine by the time the record was released, it was already feeling a bit old to you guys. How did your frame of mind change in the interim? Had your goals changed musically?

Amber Papini: I think we were definitely thinking of how we could change the sound. With the first record, we didn’t have a label, and we were just playing shows in New York, so we had time to write songs and throw out old songs. This record was a short process, even though there are some older songs that I wrote like six years ago. We were interested in making a minimal, natural sounding record.
Brian Betancourt: It was maybe a reaction to the sound of the first one. It seemed like a natural progression from a maximalist vibe that we didn’t ultimately have that much control over. We recorded that album with a guy who did a lot of it on its own and made a lot of decisions on his own. The sound is great, but… how do I phrase this?
Nathan Michel: While it’s true that we played those songs live for a while, like years, we recorded them in just a couple days because of the budget. So this record is different in that we had about a month to record. The writing process was much shorter, and we had never played most of them live. But, ironically, it ends up sounding less produced and like more of a band record, even though we had more time.
Amber: And more control. This process was definitely more collaborative.