Trouble Makers: Talking With Hospitality

01/15/2014 4:00 AM |

I know you guys took a more workmanlike approach to writing and rehearsing the songs for Trouble, getting together during the day, every day, rather than at night, when most bands seem to get work done. How did that affect things?

Amber: We have more energy in the morning. The songs were written, and we were just working them out in the space. It was also really cold. And our space was really frigid, and there were fluorescent lights… the environment wasn’t really inspiring, but we did it. We did what we had to do. We had to rehearse the songs, so we rehearsed them, and then we got into the studio and most of it changed anyway.

You mentioned before that some songs became more electronic when you got into the studio. Is that something you’d decided you wanted to explore ahead of time?

Amber: Well, Nathan has always used electronics. He has an electronic composition background, so any kind of electronic influence I’m bringing it in.
Nathan: It’s real natural. We didn’t think, “Oh, we want to go in a more electronic direction.”