“What A Handsome Beast You’re Going To Be:” TV To Fall Asleep To

01/30/2014 5:54 PM |


Time was, if you needed an informative, low-decibel show to lull you to sleep at night, How It’s Made was ready and waiting for you, right there on Netflix for the taking. “Frozen Pancakes” is a classic, for the uninitiated:


No more. They’ve taken it down, and we’ve been forced to look elsewhere. Which is despicable, but loss can often lead to healthy and productive personal growth. For instance, the unearthing of a new sleepytime show, Great British Railway Journeys. It is very much what it sounds like (the host takes train trips around England based on a century-old guidebook), and it is wonderful. Here’s what happens when Michael Portillo makes the acquaintance of a “Dorking Chicken:”

Dreams have never been sweeter. (If you have your own self-soothing viewing, leave it in the comments. We are very much open to suggestions.)

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  • “A Talking Cat” – Terrible acting, Johnny Whittaker and voice over by a drunk Eric Roberts which was seemingly recorded in a self storage space.