An Important Message From Lou Bega Re: The Situation In Ukraine

02/24/2014 2:50 PM |


There have been a lot of jarring updates pouring out of Ukraine as of late, but curiously, the international community hadn’t received any word from Lou Bega. No more!


Earlier this afternoon, the “Mambo No. 5” singer—last in the news for being mistaken for dead following the death of other noted music-making Lou, Lou Reed—posted the following update on his Facebook page:


  • Screenshot via Lou Bega/Facebook

In fairness, this wasn’t totally without context—it was accompanied by a link to a video for his song “Bachata,” which was recorded with a Ukranian girl group called Alibi (“It was the first single from his third album Lounatic […] The song is about dancing bachata on a party and the erotic effect of this dance,” notes Wikipedia). Anyway, his sympathies are appreciated and noted. A “loose loose situation” indeed.

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