House of Cards’ Most Romantically F’ed Up Moments

02/13/2014 11:01 AM |

House of Cards Romantically Fucked Up

  • Netflix

What Happened: Recently elected Congressman Peter Russo is having a torrid affair with his Chief of Staff, Christina Gallagher.

Why It Was Fucked Up & Romantic: This relationship comes in dead last because it’s a very familiar trope. Divorced Congressman shacks up with a young staffer. It’s been done before. What’s so romantic about it is that Christina isn’t a Lewinsky-type at all. She’s incredibly intelligent and forthcoming about what she wants out of the relationship and in many ways she’s the best thing to ever happen to Peter Russo. The messed up part about it is that she and Peter can’t go public with their relationship as it would tarnish his already precarious image. And to add injury to insult, as much as he loves her, Peter can’t be faithful to Christina, which directly leads to a near-prostitution bust and sets off a chain reaction that eventually ends in his death.