On Account Of The Snow, Petition Netflix To Release House of Cards Early

02/13/2014 2:50 PM |

The money shot.

  • The money shot.

On the off-chance you’re lucky enough to have parlayed this dumping of snow and wintry mix into a bonafide, no-work Snow Day—or even if you’re just looking forward to a night on the couch after trudging around in this mess—Netflix will be an important crutch for you today. So much so that it seems like they should do us all a solid and bump up tomorrow’s House of Cards Season 2 release by a day? This being the internet, there’s now a petition for that.


The explanation on Adam Chandler’s Change.org petition simply reads, “It’s very cold outside.” As of this post’s publication, it has 12 signatures.

Well, sure—I would very much like to watch House of Cards tonight, if that were an option!—but this brings me to a larger Netflix qualm that’s been nagging me all week: how is it possible that during the Winter Olympics and a major snowstorm, they haven’t made Cool Runnings a streaming option? The real-life Jamaican bobsled team has even had a major news story going for the past week! An oversight—and a disgrace—of the highest order, Netflix.

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